Every Time I Die – Radical

I would like to launch a new genre epithet: Riff Music. Doesn’t have to be more difficult than that. And there’s many types of riff music, some that I really like and some that I can’t hear what’s the purpose with it (like the malignant tumor called ”djent” […]

Fire-Toolz – Eternal Home

I really admire and respect this epic interfusion of metalcore, IDM, progressive electronic, prog rock, vaporwave and jazz. But I don’t really feel like listening to it very much. Even for a genre mix masochist like me this is a bit all over the place. Maybe I’m getting […]

Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

I feel I’ve been charmed by a lot of guilty pleasures lately and when I read about Spiritbox I thought for my self ”damn it, this is one of those bad albums I will like”. But sometimes it’s a wonderful feeling when stuff you ”shouldn’t” like delivers exactly […]