The Bug – Fire

I loved London Zoo from 2008, that release from The Bug was one of my favorite albums coming out of the grime/dubstep scene. I still listen to it often. Fire is in the same style which perhaps should be a bit outdated by now, but it really really […]

Black Dresses – Forever in Your Heart

Best new punk album in a while, even though this album on the surface is in a totally different universe than everything we usually associates to punk rock. But beyond superficial things like instruments and looks, it’s the same. Young people being rebellious, doing what the fuck they […]

Papangu – Holoceno

This album is like it was made exclusively for me. What do I love? Avant-garde music, extreme metal, jazz, Mastodon and Magma. And what does the debut album of Papangu contain? All of the above.  The enormously talented Brazil youngsters has an obvious Mastodon influence, and Magma perhaps even […]

Death SS – Ten

It’s impossible for me to write about Death SS without mentioning Swedish giants Ghost, so probably this review will be more about Ghost than Death SS, we’ll see.  Death SS, the Italian cult horror heavy metal band, was one of Tobias Forges big influences when forming Ghost and […]

Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

I feel I’ve been charmed by a lot of guilty pleasures lately and when I read about Spiritbox I thought for my self ”damn it, this is one of those bad albums I will like”. But sometimes it’s a wonderful feeling when stuff you ”shouldn’t” like delivers exactly […]

Self Esteem – Prioritise Pleasure

“You’re in a bad mood, you can think, hey, wait a minute, we’re alive!” Joe Strummer once said and I think that’s a good roundup of Prioritise Pleasure, the newest album by English pop artist Rebecca Taylor aka Self Esteem. Every song on Prioritise Pleasure has something unexpected […]

Illuminati Hotties – Let Me Do One More

In a parallel universe – a perfect world where there are no wars, bigots, R Kelly’s or deathcore bands – Illuminati Hotties instead released an EP, and in that parallel universe this would be my review of that EP:  ”POOL HOPPING EP:  Tracklist:  1. Pool Hopping  2. MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA  […]