Welcome to Rated by Monroe™

Hi! I am Samuel Monroe. Welcome to Rated by Monroe, whoever you are. This blog is my own little universe where my passion for music gets a place to flourish and thrive. Here you will find:

★ Album reviews (new and old albums)

★ Discography rankings

★ Playlists with the best new music

★ Lists, opinions, fun and games

★ …And more

I listen to pretty much all genres, but with a slight emphasis on metal, punk, rock, jazz and experimental music. I hope you will like it here and come back once in a while. Don’t hesitate to comment my posts and share your opinion on my reviews or the blog, I will answer and I’m always up for a debate!


Rating System:

10.0 The Chosen Few | ”You’re the one”

9.0-9.9 Amazing | ”We both came”

8.0-8.9 Fantastic | ”More than friends”

7.0-7.9 Good -> Very Good | ”I love you. Like a friend”

6.0-6.9 Mixed | ”An average one night stand”

5.0-5.9 Mediocre | ”We have to talk”

4.0-4.9 Slightly better than silence | ”It’s not me, it’s you”

3.0-3.9 Bad | ”Walk of shame”

2.0-2.9 Excruciating | ”You were my rock bottom”

0.0-1.9 Should not have been recorded and should never be listened to by anyone aka Lulu


All the best and may a smile be your umbrella,