Discography Reviews: Metallica – Ride the Lightning

The beginning of Metallica’s increasing momentum was an inferno of raw brutal metal and style-forming songwriting. Around this time we’re talking about incomparable class right through and on Ride the Lightning some of the band’s greatest classics fight for our attention.

The album kicks off with two of the band’s better songs ever, Fight Fire With Fire and the title track, we get cataclysmic intro of For Whom the Bell Tolls, later we are met by the murderous riff in Creeping Death (might be my all time favorite ’Tallica track) and let’s mention the underrated gem Trapped Under Ice.

We could continue for a great while because Ride the Lightning is full of small magical details, innovative initiatives and the whole party is permeated by an aggressive and completely electrical energy.

Metallica’s second effort showed the way for everyone else and nobody can argue or deny that it’s a vital – if not fundamental – component and for every metal fan something to love and return to in infinity.

This is THE album with Metallica that I really can’t be tired of and that has no weaknesses at all. I think Escape is the least good track but it has nothing to do with the fact that there are a few decimals missing from the full 10. For me the explanation is that Metallica, at this time of their career, as a concept, style maker and importance is the greater aspect. I attribute the 1984 model of Metallica a full 10. However the aspect of that other thing, the thing that’s so difficult to describe, sometimes referred to as taste, gutfeeling or maybe passion, that’s something else.

But Ride the Lightning is one, of perhaps two albums by the band, whom I can say with my hand on my heart that I love and it’s the one I return to most of all.


Ride the Lightning


Thrash Metal


Origin: USA

Best songs: Creeping Death, Fade to Black, Fight Fire With Fire

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