Discography Reviews: Metallica – Reload

This will be something of a double review of both Load and Reload, mainly because they are so similar, share the same benefits, the same problems and the songs were also written at the same time.

I find these records to be damn swaying and embody obvious profits. The production is really satisfying with the groovy guitar sound and the bass drum sounds like a wet kiss, in the sexiest sense.

Unlike many, I think that Metallica on these twins managed to be innovative without sounding like they had pencils up their asses. They don’t sound pressured and forced like they later did.

This is perhaps their last albums of their career where they still sound like a rock band and not a dysfunctional project.

We find some problem in the song material where it is mixed between incredibly good songs and unnecessary parentheses. If we look at Reload first, The Memory Remains is fantastic. Marianne Faithfull’s contribution is simply pure goosebump sensation.

Fixxxer is another personal favorite, it has a really nice main riff and there’s a lot of swag in Fuel, you can’t come around that. Unforgiven II is strongly crafted, no doubt about that.

I feel at ease when I listen to Reload but as a whole it’s not enough to count it as a career highlight. However it’s enough to give the band a fine certain amount of praise for the effort this time.



Album, 1997

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

RATING: 7.1/10

Origin: USA

Best songs: The Memory Remains, Fixxxer, Unforgiven II

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