Discography Review: Metallica – Garage Inc.

So, it’s a lot of fun to play covers of your favorite songs. Really. But you can do it in the rehearsal space. With your pals. Have some beers and play some covers. It’s fun!

You do not have to record it. And IF you do, you do not have to release an album out of it. But IF you even do that, it doesn’t have to be an almost 2.5 hour long album.

But that’s what happened.

I’ve never heard a stiffer Sabbra Cadabra. The More I See, Am I Evil and maybe a couple more have something. Whiskey in the Jar is good.

The rest could have stayed where? That’s right, the rehearsal space.



Album, 1998

Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

RATING: 4.9/10

Origin: USA

Best songs: Whiskey in the Jar, The More I See, Die Die My Darling

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