Discography Review: Metallica – St. Anger

A severely lousy record. A frontal stomach splash. A pathetic attempt to combine sounds and tones in hope that it will remind of music.

The band was in a state of disintegration during the recording and the disharmony between the band members is clearly heard through the speakers, and honestly it would have been better if the band had gone separate ways than releasing this disfigured creation.

Let’s take a moment for Lars Ulrich’s drum sound where it sounds like he’s sitting and hammering on scrap on a dump and the snare sounds like a lamppost.

In previous Metallica beatings I’ve tried to analyze a bit, but I can’t even do that now, but only note that this release has a quality height on par with masturbating with a scissor. I prefer to listen to U2, Coldplay or Donda and then you understand how bad it is.

Instead I can highly recommend the documentary Some Kind of Monster that follows the band during the recording of this album. It’s actually amazing. So rather see that one and do yourself the favor of keeping a safe distance from St. Anger. Two meters and a mask are not enough in this case. At least you get antibodies from The ’Rona, that’s more than you can say about this scourge.

The rating escalates over the lowest of the low thanks to the title song, it has a few bright minutes of listenable rock.



Album, 2003

Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal

RATING: 1.4/10

Origin: USA

Best songs: St. Anger, Some Kind of Monster, Sweet Amber

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