Discography Review: Metallica & Lou Reed – Lulu

Seriously speaking, this is probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Sure, all bands can drop a bad record and come back. But how do you come back after something like this? It’s completely incomprehensible how no one in the band, or the record company, or just anyone just didn’t stop this.

It sounds like some talentless guys in high school got expensive instruments from their rich parents, and totally lacked the self-awareness that they should invest their time in something other than music – and on top of that brought in a deaf, senile, homeless guy on vocals who twaddles unfinished sentences. 

And with that said you should know that Lou Reed’s ”singing effort” is still better than Metallica’s ”jamming”.

But I thank Metallica for this, because to hear exactly how utterly bad music can actually get still has a certain tension factor. Still not enough tension factor though to earn one single decimal above the lowest score. Lulu is as sad as it is comical.

METALLICA (and Lou Reed)


Album, 2011

Spoken Word, Experimental Rock/Metal

RATING: 0.0/10

Origin: USA

Best songs: hahahahahahah

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