Every Time I Die – Radical

I would like to launch a new genre epithet: Riff Music. Doesn’t have to be more difficult than that. And there’s many types of riff music, some that I really like and some that I can’t hear what’s the purpose with it (like the malignant tumor called ”djent” that came out of riff music).

Every Time I Die play really fun riff music. It’s like a circus – unpredictable and well executed, but I wouldn’t wanna take it with me home. A big plus is the production, love it. I only wish they’d use the fat sound for more sludge and doom inspired riff music, and less System of a Down, macho rock n’roll, post-hardcore and Refused inspired riff music.



Album, 2021

Metalcore, Mathcore

RATING: 6.6/10

Origin: USA

Best songs. Dark Distance, Post-Boredom, AWOL

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