The Bug – Fire

I loved London Zoo from 2008, that release from The Bug was one of my favorite albums coming out of the grime/dubstep scene. I still listen to it often. Fire is in the same style which perhaps should be a bit outdated by now, but it really really works.

Fire doesn’t contain as many obvious hits as London Zoo did but MAN this is some of the most heavy and fierce electronic music I’ve heard this year. Also a quite nice flashback to the good old dubstep days.

Pressure (feat. Flowdan) and Demon (feat. Irah) are two of the highlights on Fire and really represent the whole album with their heavy darkness. The Bug has a finally released a worthy sequel to London Zoo and the more I listen to Fire the more I realize that it’s more consistent and The Bug has taken his unique sound into the new era.



Album, 2021

UK Bass, Dubstep, Grime

RATING: 8.4/10

Best songs: Demon, Pressure, How bout dat

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