Papangu – Holoceno

This album is like it was made exclusively for me. What do I love? Avant-garde music, extreme metal, jazz, Mastodon and Magma. And what does the debut album of Papangu contain? All of the above. 

The enormously talented Brazil youngsters has an obvious Mastodon influence, and Magma perhaps even more. I’m not far from calling this a zeuhl metal band, but as a genre fascist I find that slightly indecent. However Papangu are strongly influenced by Magma, and they inject their progressive metal with zeuhl (the genre that Magma invented) in a highly classy way.  

Holoceno has been made during seven years and it’s one of the best metal debuts I’ve heard in a while. Papangu climbes far up on my list of favorite contemporary prog metal bands. I can namedrop a pile of artists and bands which I sense have had an impact on these guys, but I settle with stating that Holoceno is filled with enticing rhythms and melodies, and on top of that really cool vocals in their native portugese.

It’s a just perfectly muddy production which also fits me perfect since I can play a bit hard to get when it comes to prog made too clean and flawless. Every song here is really good, but I wanna mention the finishing epic title song – it has it all, and it is to this album what Hearts Alive is to Leviathan

If Papangu will do this good on the next album I won’t mind waiting seven more years, cause it will be worth it. They deserve worldwide recognition and we have a strong contender for the top spots of this years AOTY list.



Album, 2021

Progressive/Avant-Garde Metal

RATING: 9.2/10

Best songs: Holoceno, Bacia das Almas, Sâo Francisco

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