Black Dresses – Forever in Your Heart

Best new punk album in a while, even though this album on the surface is in a totally different universe than everything we usually associates to punk rock. But beyond superficial things like instruments and looks, it’s the same. Young people being rebellious, doing what the fuck they want, telling conventions to go to hell and making really good songs.

The opener, PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, is one of the tracks of the year. Concrete Bubble sounds like Converge, Conor Oberst and Foo Fighters got stuck in a dystopian nightmare together. It’s such a well crafted and haunting piece of music. Heaven is a beautiful punk noise ballad. Ragequitted is so filled with angst and anger that I can feel it in my heart long after the song is over. 

Waiting42moro is like Nirvana meeting Daughters inside a computer game. Brilliant. We’ll Figure It Out is like a black metal-Kim Gordon song and the horror movie anthem that is Understanding is so powerful as they try to understand where pain and evil comes from and where it lives.

The albums last song, (Can’t) Keep it Together, is one of the peaks of the album with great lyrics and lots catchiness and lovely noise parading together.

There’s a diversity here that really appeals to me when it comes to both the soundscape and the emotional vastness. Ada Rook and Devi McCallion (which are the two talented members of Black Dresses) manages to broadcast a cornucopia of feelings through their different voices. They sing tender and beautiful, they cry and outbursts in black metal screams. They’re vulnerable, anguished, furious, terrified but also full of energy, hope and humour. And this is probably the album this year that has moved me emotionally the most.

All you guys out there who loves old punk, experimental music, The Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, Sonic Youth and Nirvana – If you can’t appreciate this just because the songs are decorated in an electro-industrial dress, then you’re being narrow minded. Because this is exactly the same thing, and even better than many of those old bands. It’s punk, at it’s most talented, profound and unorthodox.

And by the way, how punk is it to sound exactly like it did 40 years ago? Punk is about doing what your parents hate and I can tell you that todays parents and grandparents love The Ramones and hate this. So this is an awesome way to reinvent the sound of punk. 

Forever in Your Heart is earcandy for us who loves angry, desperate, gorgeous and dramatic punk and noise, all dressed in black humor. And as much as the album really reflects our time more than anything, it remains to be seen if it’s timeless. I hope and think so.

”Can we make something beautiful with no hope?”



Album, 2021

Electro-Industrial Punk/Noise Rock

RATING: 9.5/10

Best songs: PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, (Can’t) Keep It Together, Concrete Bubble

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