ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Agnes – Magic Still Exists

I give you Agnes! And she gives us Magic Still Exists – 35 minutes of disco pop magic. Every beat, sound, melody and chorus hits you at the right spot. 

It’s been almost 10 years since Agnes last record came out, and out of nowhere she releases this collection of seven pulsating dancefloor bangers, and I didn’t have a clue that Agnes of all people would be my new go to girl in Swedish pop music. 

Magic Still Exists wins by being short, direct and completely on fire. The production is sharp and modern and the songwriting is flawless. Maybe this is the albums only clear flaw – the flawlessness. But let’s come back to that. 

It’s impressive how Agnes succeeds to incorporate obvious influences from so many great artists. Let me name some of them in order of influentialness: Donna Summer, ABBA, Diana Ross, Prince, Daft Punk, Kylie Minogue and also newer abilities like Robyn, Dua Lipa and The Weeknd

It’s blissful from start to finish. I get much of the same feeling as from Donna Summer’s epic album Four Seasons of Love but also the sexual liberation disco of Diana Ross and for example the anthem I’m Coming Out. Every nostalgic wink is wrapped up in a crispy 2021 costume, like a spaceship waiting for a full blown commercial breakthrough-set off right up in the solar plexus of the pop universe.

Fingers Crossed is the obvious skyrocket of a hit single, it’s one of my favorite pop songs in a long time. I crave it 24/7 and I literally can’t get it out of my head. And the fun thing is that every song here is a potential hit single. My personal favorites besides Fingers Crossed are the electro house show down Selfmade, the ABBA flirting Here Comes the Night and XX, a more discrete hit song, cooler than any cat, that starts the album with just perfect amount of expectation. 

I was gonna come back for the flawlessness. It’s almost a bit too perfect of an album, like it’s made by a pop computer. But I can’t say that I would like it do be different, like I would like it to be more flawed, no not at all, it’s just a feeling and maybe I need to listen even more to put words on that feeling and how it could be an even better album. For now I’m just gonna enjoy it.

Magic Still Exists breathes creative joy, sexuality and release. Agnes delivers a vocal performance in the highest league, I just love her voice and I feel she’s grown to be an even better singer over the years (and have in mind she’s always been awesome). Well done Agnes, this is the best Swedish album of 2021 so far.

And I can tell you, if Fingers Crossed, 24 Hours, Selfmade, Here Comes the Night or perhaps any of the hits on this album would be out there by for example Dua Lipa, I can assure you we wouldn’t be hearing anything else right now.



Album, 2021

Pop, Disco

RATING: 9.0/10

Origin: Sweden

Label: Universal Music

Best songs: Fingers Crossed, Selfmade, Here Comes the Night

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