Self Esteem – Prioritise Pleasure

“You’re in a bad mood, you can think, hey, wait a minute, we’re alive!” Joe Strummer once said and I think that’s a good roundup of Prioritise Pleasure, the newest album by English pop artist Rebecca Taylor aka Self Esteem.

Every song on Prioritise Pleasure has something unexpected and exciting to offer. I have such a soft spot for small delicate yummy sounds and good rhythms, and this album is full of both. With tribal drums, empowering choirs, really fun and good lyrics and smart melodies Self Esteem has made one of the most kick ass pop albums this year.

The album is really unclothed and it’s a kind of ’less is more’ take on contemporary pop music. When I listen to a new pop album, with for example Dua Lipa or Ariana Grande, I can really like the songs but I rarely get surprised. And here’s the thing with Prioritise Pleasure, the tenth time I listen to the album I still feel what’s coming next is a bit unexpected. 

This isn’t an ordinary pop album, it’s really special. I associate to many things, for example the anthemic pop parts of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I hear The Knife, Kate Bush and I can understand that her favorite band is Queen.

And I must say I just love the general message on the album. Rebecca is singing about not being shamed about having fun, sexting at the mental health meeting, being nothing but human, reclaiming moodieness and – prioritizing pleasure.



Album, 2021


RATING: 8.7/10

Best songs: It’s Been A While, Moody, Fucking Wizardry

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